Alzheimer’s Society

“Cubiks brought rigour and impartiality to a very complex phase of Adapting to Deliver, our change programme. Their approach was objective and deceptively simple, enabling us to achieve parity and continuity across all of the diverse roles touched by change.”

Alzheimer’s Society sought help from Cubiks with the implementation of ‘Adapting to Deliver’, a new change initiative. This programme was designed to ensure that the Society is best placed to deliver its strategy, while capitalising on the opportunities presented by increased Government support for tackling Dementia.

The Society aimed to embed best practice to ensure they had the best talent in place. Cubiks was brought on board to design and deliver robust solutions for recruitment, talent identification and staff development.



Alzheimer's Society has a vision of a better, fairer world for people with dementia, keeping them connected to their lives



They believe that people with dementia and the people who care for them have the right to high quality services and support



The Society works to achieve this through campaigning, research, training, information provision and the delivery of services


For Alzheimer’s Society, focusing on fairness in the design of assessments would be critical, as well as instituting objectivity in the approach of assessors. Cubiks was brought on board to assist Alzheimer’s society with adapting existing jobs, developing current employees in alignment with the new vision and also recruiting for new roles.

With the assessment and development strands of this change process running in parallel, Cubiks needed to create flexible solutions, applicable across a range of influential positions.


Cubiks worked with key individuals from the People and Organisational Development (POD) directorate at Alzheimer’s Society, as well as assessors and employees across various roles. This consultation enabled Cubiks to better understand the charity’s objectives and challenges and explore how to achieve and overcome them together.

Cubiks conducted a role analysis and mapping exercise to identify the critical role competencies in alignment with the Society’s values, thus ensuring the relevance of the new tools. The identified behaviours underpinned the case studies, simulations and written exercises to embed consistency.


Cubiks created job-relevant, objective assessment and development tools including:

  • Personality questionnaires
  • Ability tests
  • Competency-based assessments – Etray inbox simulation and assessment exercises
  • Training for Alzheimer’s Society to establish its own internal assessor pool.

To maintain engagement through this period of change, it was important to offer comprehensive support for staff participating in development centres.

Cubiks supported this further by providing a series of personality-based coaching reports to aid development planning. By linking performance at the development centre to an individual’s current objectives and future role requirements, the process helped build momentum for ongoing development.

The combined assessment and development approach has helped Alzheimer’s Society move closer to achieving the high standards they strive for as sector leaders in Dementia. These processes contribute to an ongoing drive for best practice that enables the charity to find and retain the talent it needs today and in the future.