People Analytics

Bringing smart data to talent management

At Cubiks, we know all about Big Data. Our business psychologists have been powering people assessments with data for decades. With Cubiks People Analytics, we apply a huge spectrum of HR data and analysis to enhance your talent management processes. With all the number-crunching down to us, you’re free to simply access the insight you need.

With Cubiks’ people analytics, you can:

Access and apply a huge range of HR metrics to bring scientific insight to your talent management

Rely on our data analysis for a wealth of knowledge on performance, retention, upwards mobility and much more

Build on big data to anticipate trends, recruit the best talent and make better predictions


The world of big data brings major benefits for employers, with vast information now available on our workforces worldwide. The challenge lies in connecting this valuable data to the people side of your business.


Our experts know employers need factual insight to make the best possible people decisions. That’s where we come in - making data meaningful and analysing it – so you can better predict how your people will perform.

In Brief

Wide choice of HR metrics from Cubiks’ extensive people data

Select the metrics that matter; from job performance to leadership potential

Analysis to predict performance and anticipate trends

Expert support to explore valuable aspects of your workforce data

Scientific algorithms built from a continuously expanding database

Manager-friendly insight in digestible, concise reports