Inclusion: Your strategic advantage

Inclusion: Your strategic advantage

31.01.2017 By Laura.Parrack

Cubiks' Lisa Cox spoke to the Telegraph Business Reporter about how employers can make inclusion their strategic advantage.

In the past, inclusion has been primarily understood as a compliance burden, instead of a strategic advantage. Lisa Cox, Consultant in Cubiks' UK team was recently interviewed by the Telegraph Business Reporter. She explained how employers can tackle talent shortage problems by making their recruitment processes more inclusive. Watch our video to hear Lisa share her insight into the key challenges and the steps organisations can take to overcome them.

Key takeaways from the video:

  1. Skills gaps mean that today's employers often have to fight for the best talent from a relatively small candidate pool
  2. By making recruitment more inclusive, businesses can access more great talent from a much broader candidate pool
  3. The strategic advantages of inclusive selection processes include; enhanced innovation, improved customer satisfaction and better bottom line performance.

Read the full article on the Telegraph Business Reporter website here.

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About Lisa

Lisa Cox is a member of Cubiks’ UK Consulting Team. She supports organisations of all types with assessing and developing people. Lisa has a specific interest in diversity and inclusion, and has lead multiple assessment campaigns for clients where inclusivity is a key priority alongside assessing fit and creating a great candidate experience. 

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